Scientists at Actelion use an inquisitive drug hunting approach to discover and develop novel medicines to improve patients' lives.

From the outset, Actelion's founders wanted to create a company with a bold, pioneering spirit, one that understands the true nature of innovation. The founders understood that innovation could not be taught, but the right environment to allow innovation can be fostered. Actelion’s productivity is evidence that from creative freedom, innovative ideas flourish.

By removing the barriers to innovation, such as bureaucracy and hierarchy, the founders set out to empower “their” people. In turn, Actelion’s people take ownership of their projects and grasp opportunities.

There are many barriers to overcome when guiding a compound that addresses an unmet medical need from the bench to the market. To maximize success, the Research and Development teams must know which projects are most promising, which compounds should be promoted, and where to focus their efforts.

The only way to make the correct choices is to base these decisions on all facts available. This means open, effective communication within teams and across functions in an integrated approach.

This sharing of knowledge stimulates and builds scientific intuition. By using this approach, innovation can be translated into evidence-based medicine.


Regional Manager, Sales and Marketing, Australia &Asia Pacific Region 


"Working at Actelion is different because new ideas are encouraged."