To maximize output from its focus on target families, Actelion implements appropriate state-of-the-art technologies. The Drug Discovery group, comprising of  more than 380 professionals at the end of 2016, combines technology with human expertise and teamwork in a single research center based in Allschwil to make the best use of Actelion's toolbox.

Actelion has over 100 medicinal and process chemists creating low molecular weight compounds which go through a cyclic drug discovery process for optimization.

These innovative compounds are then characterized by molecular biologists and biochemists in relation to the chosen molecular drug targets. The characterization includes the development of a variety of assays and execution of activity screens. The vast quantities of assay result data generated, are managed and analyzed by data-management programs developed in-house.

A lead compound is then passed to our pharmacologists, neurobiologists, immunologists and electrophysiologists to further characterize the compounds. These lead compounds are then passed back through this cycle until an optimized compound is available for preclinical development by our pharmacokineticists, formulation specialists, and toxicologists.

Actelion's platform approach, combined with our technological capabilities and in-house expertise, has resulted in a promising clinical development pipeline of compounds discovered and optimized in Actelion’s laboratories.


Clinical Research Physician, Clinical Science 


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