Actelion’s Board and management are committed to ensuring that responsible business and sustainability considerations are integrated into everyday business thinking and decision‑making throughout Actelion. The Nominating and Governance Committee oversees Actelion’s sustainability and governance efforts.

For Actelion, 2016 was a year of sustained progress. The company’s sales and earnings increased, driven by the highly successful launch of Uptravi®, as well as the continued strong uptake of Opsumit® and the good performance of its other products. At the end of 2016, over 70,000 patients around the globe were benefiting from our drugs

In 2016, we also continued to be recognized for our sustainability and reporting practices, being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the second year in a row. Increasingly, stakeholders are considering sustainability performance in their employment, investment and other decisions.

In January 2017, we also learnt that we qualified, as one of the top-scoring companies in our industry, for the inclusion in the 2017 RobecoSam Sustainability Yearbook and have received the Industry Mover Distinction. We are very proud of this achievement as it validates our efforts to continue to improve our sustainability performance.

With this update to our latest Sustainability Report, we aim to disclose our performance on material issues in a way that highlights the relationship between business success and sustainability considerations in its operations.

This Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The GRI Standards are the most widely adopted sustainability reporting standard in the world. In 2015, as part of our commitment to corporate transparency, we conducted a full materiality assessment, which helped us to identify and rank the issues that we believe are most critical to the continued success of our company, and that matter most to our internal and external stakeholders.

To determine the material aspects to include in our reporting, we reached out to stakeholders such as patient associations, investors and employees. In addition, we reviewed topics referred to in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and in other biotech and pharmaceutical companies’ reporting, or identified by industry associations. Internally, materiality workshops were conducted with representatives from virtually every area of our company, followed by one-on-one interviews with Actelion experts. In addition, a wide variety of company literature and research was reviewed.

Based on this process, the issues deemed most material to Actelion and to our stakeholders are shown on the next page.


Serving Patients

Actelion’s mission is to treat more patients with groundbreaking therapies.

Our behavior

We aim to provide greater transparency, applying the highest standards of integrity across the entire company.

Our people

Our employees are the foundation of our business, contributing to our success as a global biopharmaceutical company.


Actelion’s primary environmental sustainability goal is to reduce our environmental impact so as to help ensure a safe and healthy environment for present and future generations.


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