On 26 January 2017 Actelion and Johnson & Johnson announced that they have entered into a definitive transaction agreement under which Johnson & Johnson will launch an all-cash tender offer in Switzerland to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Actelion.

Find all information and updates concering the propesed transcation on this page

Invitation Annual General Meeting

15 March 2017:

Actelion published it's invitation for the Annual General Meeting 2017 which will be held on Wednesday 5 April 2017.

Johnson & Johnson Prospectus

16 February 2017:

Johnson & Johnson published the prospectus for their tender offer for Actelion.

Annual Report 2016

14 February 2017:

Actelion published its Annual Report.

Pre-Announcement Tender Offer

26 January 2017:

Actelion and Johnson & Johnson entered into a definitive transaction agreement.


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