As a research-based company, Actelion recognizes the importance of registering clinical trial protocol information and disclosing clinical trial results in accordance with the declaration of Helsinki, applicable regulations and laws, and journal editors’ guidelines. Hence, Actelion commits to fulfill its scientific and ethical responsibility by disseminating clinical trial information, not only to the medical and scientific community, but also to the public . 

  1. Clinical trial protocol registration
    Upon initiation of a clinical trial, protocol information is posted on public registers, including and
  2. Clinical trial results disclosure
    After completion or termination of a clinical trial (except Phase 1 trials), the results - regardless of outcome - are posted in accordance with current laws and regulations, on public registers, including www.clinicaltrials.govand  
  3. Actelion Clinical Study Register
    In order to further promote transparency, Actelion also makes clinical trial protocol information and results available on its own public clinical study register
  4. Publication in peer-reviewed medical journals
    Actelion is committed to submit results of clinical trials in peer-reviewed medical journals to disseminate scientific knowledge to the medical and scientific community.

By ensuring that the latest clinical trial information is publicly available, Actelion contributes to the scientific knowledge base that helps healthcare professionals make better decisions. It is also one of the best ways to inform the medical community and patients about ongoing clinical trials and results of completed trials.