Our future as a company depends on a workplace that enables employees to develop their careers and achieve their objectives — both at work and outside the office.

We seek to recruit, develop and retain talented individuals who want to make a difference to the lives of patients across the globe. In 2016, we hired 273 permanent employees worldwide. In our annual Organizational Talent and Development (OTD) review, we assess our talent to identify high performance and provide further support for those who display leadership potential – e.g. through further education, leadership training and international assignments. Taking into account the size and organizational design of Actelion, we also offer lateral moves, job rotations and expert career paths.

Actelion offers both traditional and non-traditional benefits to help keep employees engaged, while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance. After ten years of service, Actelion colleagues are eligible for 4 weeks’ fully paid sabbatical leave. We believe that disconnecting from work for an extended period to pursue personal interests leaves employees energized and ready to immerse themselves when they return; this has been confirmed by feedback from almost 400 colleagues who have benefited from this program. In addition, we offer 2-month research sabbaticals to individuals, which are announced during our annual Drug Discovery Day.

Other benefits include health, pension, disability and maternity benefits. Depending on local requirements, additional benefits may be available. We also offer free, confidential counseling for all headquarter employees on both work-related and private matters. 

At our Allschwil location, we offer subsidized on-site daycare for up to 30 children from age 3 months to 6 years.

We believe that a culture that fosters our employees’ development and growth is essential to our business success. To support people in achieving their full potential, we provide a wide range of internal and external learning and development programs.

Actelion’s leadership and management programs are modular training initiatives based on Actelion’s core values and designed to help our managers to be better leaders. Other programs cover topics such as coaching, communication, presentation skills, collaboration and languages. In November 2016, we launched a survey to determine whether the training programs we offer meet our colleagues’ needs.

We also provide financial assistance to employees who wish to advance their education through an accredited university or business school.

Employee quotes


Sales manager, Sales and Marketing 


"I find my work motivational because of the autonomy, flexibility and hands-on mentality."