Our people are our most important asset, and fully leveraging their potential is critical to our success. We want them to feel proud of their work and the company they work for. We motivate our employees through strong leadership, individual development opportunities and rewards based on achievement.

Focusing on corporate strategy is essential to the company’s success. All our colleagues need to understand the strategy, as well as our values and key attributes for success, so that their daily activities can be aligned with the company’s goals and priorities. We therefore developed a short quiz to identify each colleague’s learning style, based on Kolb’s experiential learning theory and then delivered tailored material outlining our strategic principles. This took the form of a short film (for watchers), a podcast (for feelers), an interactive pdf (for doers) and a detailed white paper (for thinkers).

We have long been committed to fostering a culture of respect, fairness and equal opportunity. Actelion does not tolerate any form of discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, disability or any other personal characteristics.

Actelion believes it is vital to create a diverse and inclusive workplace that attracts and retains the most talented people from all backgrounds and cultures. Our employees come from over 54 countries with almost an equal split between male and female (49.7% : 50.3%). We also believe that diversity of thought allows us to benefit from complementary expertise, driving our continued success.

Our ongoing efforts to improve employees’ health and well-being include programs such as stress management, mindfulness, onsite massages, flu shots, skin checks, etc. In November 2014, a modular online health portal (“myChange”) was launched at our headquarters in Switzerland. This should help our colleagues to gain more energy, improve concentration and enhance creativity.

In April 2014, Actelion was named as one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and the San Francisco Business Times. In October 2014, Actelion was one of the 20 top-ranked companies in the 2014 Science Top Employer Survey.

Employee representation

Actelion respects the right of all employees to join a legally recognized employee association and complies with all laws relating to employee representation. We strive to set up and maintain an open dialogue with employees and their representatives.

Human rights

Actelion complies fully with all relevant laws, rules and regulations governing labor, employment and the employment relationship in all the countries where we conduct business.

Due to the nature of our business we do not consider any of our operations to be at risk of human rights violations such as child labor, forced or compulsory labor, or infringements of indigenous rights. All of our operations respect the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Employees can choose to be represented by legally recognized unions, works councils or similar organizations.


Drug Safety Coordinator, Global Drug Safety 


"Employees are given great opportunities to get involved in important plans for the business/company, this makes Actelion different."