Actelion is a fast growing company with a culture which fosters innovation, science, and care for patients. Actelion’s discoveries bring profound value to society and satisfy unmet medical needs. If you identify yourself with Actelion’s Core Values please review current job openings and submit your profile.

One of the main reasons for you to become a member of the Actelion organization and stay with the company is the exciting opportunity to make a difference in your area of professional expertise. Actelion’s team spirit and openness to changes will enable you to see the actual results of your tireless efforts, and to enjoy the rewarding environment. At Actelion you are challenged to grow professionally, and at the same time encouraged and supported to live a balanced personal life.

In hiring new employees, Actelion looks for people who are inspired by innovation, and are flexible, enthusiastic and hands-on in any role. During the selection process you meet the key people in the relevant work areas and Human Resources professionals, and you will have an opportunity to receive important insights and get a feel for the spirit of the company. The job interviews (and in some cases, assessment exercises) are based on Actelion’s Core Competencies, representing the fundamental requirements necessary for high performance in each role across the organization. In candidates Actelion looks not only for professional knowledge and experience, but also for the potential for further growth.

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Actelion is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

!!! Please beware of scam/fake recruitment offers that claim to be from Actelion. Such scams can be from various sources on the internet using either fake company websites, or sending unsolicited emails from fake Actelion recruiters. The intention is to obtain personal data or money from victims by offering jobs that do not exist.

Actelion would never ask for payment to progress a job application.
When in doubt please check if the position is posted on this site before applying for such positions. !!!


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